12 Mar

The process we went through before we started the case

Leading up to the trial
6 Nov

First letter to Tesla

Wessel presented itself on behalf of clients and asked Tesla to provide the contact details of its legal department.

Download the Letter of Intent
26 Nov

First substantive letter to Tesla

After Wessel heard nothing from Tesla nor her representative, a first substantive letter was sent with the intention to come out of it together.

Download the first substantive letter
10 Mar


As there was no reaction to the stelbrief and the first substantive letter, Wessel drew up a summons on behalf of clients and had it served by the bailiff.

Download the subpoena
22 Apr

Conviction in absentia

In this document you will read the judgment that has been rendered following the summons.

Judgment of 22 April 2020
28 Apr

Response to judgment

Almost six months later, a lawyer presents himself on behalf of Tesla. The attorney at law indicates that he is not familiar with the writ of summons and indicates that he will start opposition proceedings.

Download the reaction to the verdict
11 May

Response from Wessel

Wessel reacts to the reaction of Tesla's lawyer and tries to settle the matter amicably one last time and makes a final proposal for a final discharge.

Download the proposal for final discharge
20 May

Resistance subpoena

Tesla's attorney at law did not respond to this and therefore sends - as indicated in his letter - an opposition summons.

Download the opposition subpoena
June 7

New email Tesla

After the client's story was told on a social medium, Tesla's lawyer sent an e-mail stating that Tesla did not benefit from this and substantiating his point of view with case law.

Download the e-mail
20 Jul

Response to e-mail

By means of a letter Wessel responded to the e-mail of Tesla's lawyer. In this letter it is made clear that what he invokes (ACM) does not apply.

Download the letter
8 Oct

Establishment of the Tesla Claim Foundation

Following the above steps, it was decided to establish this foundation.

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The participation works as follows



If you feel called to join, you can register for free. Write us why you are dissatisfied with your car or Tesla's service.



When we have reviewed this, you will be notified by us whether your case has a chance of success.



With your permission, we'll negotiate with Tesla on your behalf. If Tesla doesn't respond, we'll take the case to trial.



If we win the case, you get 65% of the compensation. The remaining 35% goes to our foundation, with a maximum of € 15.000,-. This is the price when your own lawsuit before apeal. This foudation will save you lots of time and is a much lesser risk as the only risk you take is €500,- when we lose all the complaints to compensate the costs incurred.

Sign up with your complaint!
If you have any questions, please contact info@teslaclaim.nl or +085 40135 42.

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Who we are

We are three initiators. We all have an equal interest in the foundation.
Would you like to reach us? You can reach us at info@teslaclaim.nl. You can also reach us during office hours at +085 40135 42.

Wouter van Waning


Dissatisfied Tesa driver


Folkert van der Zee


Dissatisfied Tesa driver


Bart Olde Kalter

Council member

Member of the Council


Member of the Council


Pier Stapel

Council member

Member of the Council


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